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Forging Technology of Stainless Steel

Date:2019.09.04 Source:Wuxi Kang Bei Er Steel

What is forging? Forging is a process in which metal is deformed by impact or pressure between anvil and die. It can be divided into free forging and model forging.

Free forging: refers to the deformation of the processed metal caused by the pressure between the upper and lower anvils. The metal can flow freely in all directions of the horizontal plane, so it is called free forging. Under this method, the quality of the product depends entirely on the technical level of the workers. The labor intensity is very high and the productivity is low. Can not obtain more complex shapes, mainly for single-piece, small batch production and repair work. There are also large forgings, free forging is the only way. Free forging is also divided into manual forging and machine forging.

Model forging: Forging the metal defect in the upper and lower forging dies by forced plastic flow forming in the chamber, so as to obtain the forgings with the shape of the chamber, referred to as die forging. It can be divided into fixed die forging and tire die forging. Most stainless steel is used after forging. The different characteristics of stainless steel compared with carbon steel are: low thermal conductivity, narrow forging temperature range, strong superheat sensitivity, high resistance at high temperature, low plasticity, etc., which bring many difficulties to forging production, and different types of stainless steel forging process are also different.

Stainless steel forging is much more difficult than carbon steel or low alloy steel, because the microstructure of stainless steel at high temperature or during forging still has higher strength at higher limit temperature. Different types and components of stainless steel have different Forgability and different forging loads.At present, Wuxi Kang Bei Er Steel Co., Ltd. 's factories have achieved a qualitative breakthrough in this respect, and technological innovation has returned new and old customers.

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